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List of videos shown in class

Some of you have asked me for the links to the videos shown in class (during the student presentations).
I think it would be a good idea to put together a list of all the videos shown (so you can also check out the ones shown in other groups).
Could you please reply to this post by [...]

A group – Tomorrow’s INMAS Presentation

Hello everyone,
For tomorrow’s presentation about Mobile Marketing, since we may lack time, we ask you to create right now 3 groups of students. Each group needs a Leader, who should have a mobile. We will ask each Leader to send approximately 10 SMS tomorrow morning, so please get ready ! The easiest solution for you [...]

Blogging & Podcasting Presentation 10/03/2011 group B

Hello everyone,
As we are going to speak about blogging, we decided to organize a sort of workshop: we propose you to start writing your own blog just on this Thursday!
Please, all you need to do is simply look up some current blogs in order to get a familiar with their structure and (!) choose a topic you [...]

Inmas A 10/03: SEO presentation

Within the framework of our presentation about SEO, we ask you to review your notes about Benoit Vasseur’s Conference.
Charline et Létitia

PROJECT MINUTES – De Cour à Jardin

Meeting 1 – Wednesday 23 February 2011
Students: Létitia COMBES, Sarah GIRARD and Audrey LEMOINE
Tutors: Christine EVAIN and Myriam SERVIERES
We talked about:

The planning we made in order to realise the website.
Our choice of a CMS or a framework.
The structure of the web site.
The database we’ve started to create and the [...]

Group B : SEO Presentation on Friday 25th

Within the framework of our presentation about SEO which occurs on Friday, we would like you to watch the internet Web site of SneakerHead ( to find its structure.
Jérémy, Solène, Thomas.

Minutes of the first meeting – E-learning platform

Here are the minutes of our first meeting with our tutors Christine Evain and Myriam Servières :
Minutes of the first meeting

Start-up Showcase

Hello groups A and B, (and group C – students will be given a slightly different deadline),
On March 10 and 11 (after the usual students’ presentations of chapt 5 and 6), we will organize a start-up showcase. You will be given one start-up company to showcase in just 3 minutes.
In order to do this, you [...]

Club Alpin – Minutes of the first meeting (2)

Here are the minutes of our first meeting with C. Evain
Minutes of the first meeting (2)
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