Project minutes – De Cour à Jardin

please find here our project minutes for the second meeting: Project Minutes Meeting 2 de cour à jardin
Létitia COMBES, Sarah GIRARD, Audrey LEMOINE

PROJECT MINUTES – De Cour à Jardin

Meeting 1 – Wednesday 23 February 2011
Students: Létitia COMBES, Sarah GIRARD and Audrey LEMOINE
Tutors: Christine EVAIN and Myriam SERVIERES
We talked about:

The planning we made in order to realise the website.
Our choice of a CMS or a framework.
The structure of the web site.
The database we’ve started to create and the [...]

Project outline – De cour à Jardin

1.     Project situation
1.     The association De cour à Jardin
This association is an amateur theatre company created in 2007. Its president is Miss Emilie Faure.  It is composed of a five people board and thirty-five members.
You can find here further information:
Organisation’s name and address:
De cour à Jardin
Centre SocioCulturel Le Martray
8 allée Maud Mannonni, Résidence du Martray
44 000 [...]