Speach.me – Online Advertising

The link to the speach.me to Online Advertising presentation is here:
The password to access it is “nantes”.
Thank you!

INMAS Presentation – SEO – Group A

Hi everybody,
Here is our presentation PowerPoint (17/02/2014). All links, including the video, are inside.
Search Engine Optimization

Internet marketing strategy’s presentation – Online Advertising

Hello everyone,
The presentation about “Online Advertising” (on February 10th, 2014) is now available. You can check the .pdf file, where you will find the link to all the videos in YouTube.
Online Advertising Presentation (by Patrícia HENRIQUES NALLIN)
To learn a little bit more about Google Adsense and Facebook advertising, take a look on the following videos:

Email Marketing

Here is the EmailMarketing presentation.

Blogging and podcasting

Please find below our ppt for our presentation on blogging and podcasting:
blogging and podcasting-INMAS

Tracking results – 25 March presentation – group B

Hey everybody!
We’d like those of you who have a blog – or any website of their own – to bring its statistics (concerning visits) on Friday 25 March. We’ll analyse them all together so it might be useful for you and for us too, since finding statistics is kind of hard when you don’t have [...]

INMAS – A group – Tomorrow’s (03/18) Presentation

Hello everyone !
For our presentation scheduled on tomorrow about “Social Media Marketing”, we just want to ask you to watch this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIFYPQjYhv8
It is a really great introduction to this chapter, so have a look at it !
Thanks and see you tomorrow,
Cyril C. & Charles B.

INMAS Group A – Blogging and Podcasting

Hello everybody,
Audrey Johan and I will present you the topic “Blogging and Podcasting”.
In order to prepare for this presentation, we are giving you some homework.
Please check the website http://technorati.com, and particularly the top 100 of blogs, so you will see how they are made, and understand how it works and why are they successful.
You can [...]

INMAS – Online Advertisng – Framework for the course

Here are the different links we will use during our presentation in order to show you the different types of online advetising.
Banners and Pop-ups
Relevant Examples
Business blog
The life improvement project
Interactive banner
The resize room
Using Twitter
IKEA and Twitter
Viral Marketing
IKEA and viral advertising
AXE and banners
Viral advertising
AXE YouTube Channel
The AXE boat
Mini-Sites and online games
Get the Glass!
Mobile advertising and mobile [...]